Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mastering Technical Analysis

The third in the series Trading with Traders discusses and teaches the types of technical analysis indicators used by forex traders all over the world. It concentrates on the key indicators that are the most popular with professional and retail traders alike. By the time you have finished this book you should have gained enough confidence to start trading with success on a live trading account.

Like many new forex traders you will have had little success and a lot of losses. Don’t give up just yet! Forex trading is not something you can rush into without any education. Take your time to learn the ropes and get yourself a mentor, someone you trust who is a professional trader or self educate yourself by reading and trading on a dummy account. What are the things you have to learn? Well first and foremost it is charting and technical analysis. Charting we have covered at length in Trading with Traders - Level 2. In this book Mastering Technical Analysis we will cover the 14 most effective and popular technical analysis tools used to trade forex.